MC Frontalot

EXCLUSIVE: MC Frontalot Debuts Hilarious Video

Remember that time your Blackberry updated and all your contacts got messed up and it was the worst thing ever? Yeah, well, MC Frontalot (aka…
Eric Sundermann / June 23, 2010

FREE MP3: Nerdcore Rapper MC Frontalot Returns

MC Frontalot -- the rapper credited for defining the hip-hop subsect of "nerdcore" -- is back this April with his fourth album, and the leadoff…
Peter Gaston / February 5, 2010

MC Frontalot

What? From electro-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby to indie-rock progenitors the Feelies, nerds have always played a subversive but vital role in the field of popular…
Larry Fitzmaurice / December 15, 2008