Maximo Park

Maximo Park, ‘The National Health’ (Warp)

Tired UK alt-rock for the era when Franz Ferdinand and The Bravery got radio play. Give us some pep!
Puja Patel / July 2, 2012

Maximo Park, ‘Quicken the Heart’ (Warp)

On Maximo Park's third album, there's nothing as ultra-catchy as the nostalgic buzz of 2007's "Girls Who Play Guitars," but Quicken the Heart still hits…
Josh Modell / April 19, 2009

Free Download: Maximo Park

Brit post-punk quintet Maximo Park are celebrating the May release of their new album, Quicken the Heart, by treating fans to a sneak preview!
Melissa Goldstein / March 9, 2009