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New Music: Julien Baker – “Distant Solar Systems”

Entering into a long tradition of dreamy songs ruminating on the enormity of space and our fragile planet, the newly-released B-side for Julien Baker's debut…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 17, 2017

New Music: Julien Baker – “Funeral Pyre”

Today, singer/songwriter Julien Baker announced that she'd signed to storied indie-rock label Matador Records by releasing a new single, "Funeral Pyre." The (very beautiful) song,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 6, 2017

Pavement, Sonic Youth Set for Matador Records Bash

Like many a college student, NYC indie label Matador Records has chosen Las Vegas as the site of their 21st birthday, and their posse of…
Peter Gaston / June 29, 2010