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The Fall’s Mark E. Smith Dead at 60

Mark E. Smith, the notoriously caustic frontman of post-punk icons the Fall, has died, according to a statement tweeted from a fan account and confirmed by…
Maggie Serota / January 24, 2018

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Mark E. Smith’s Cause of Death Announced by Family

A new statement from Mark E. Smith's sisters (Barbara, Suzanne, and Caroline) reveals The Fall leader's cause of death. Posted to the band's website, their note…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 13, 2018

Jonny Greenwood Talks Phantom Thread, Mark E. Smith and the Oscars on New Podcast

Jonny Greenwood recently sat down with British podcaster Adam Buxton to discuss the composer's music for Phantom Thread, his Oscar nomination, his friendship with Paul Thomas…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 9, 2018

Mark E. Smith’s Best Insults

For over 40 years, Mark E. Smith was one of the most entertaining personalities in rock, both on and off the stage, mainly for saying exactly what…
Maggie Serota / January 24, 2018

Pixies, Superchunk, Stuart Murdoch and More Pay Tribute to the Fall Frontman Mark E. Smith

The Fall frontman and notorious troublemaker Mark E. Smith passed away at 60 on Wednesday. After the news broke, fellow musicians, friends, and other artists…
Jordan Freiman / January 24, 2018

Spring Forward, Fall Back: Our October 1993 Mark E. Smith Story

Mark E. Smith is an odd person. Extremely odd. Very shifty. Very clever. The afternoon he meets me in London it looks like he's just…
Mark Blackwell / January 24, 2018

Legend of the Fall: Our May 2007 Interview with Mark E. Smith

When his entire band—with the exception of the keyboardist, who also happens to be his wife—walked out on Mark E. Smith in the middle of…
Glenn Kenny / January 24, 2018