Marina Abramovic

Jay Z and Marina Abramovic Are Having a Not Very Artistic Fight

Update: The Marina Abramovi? Institute has issued a statement regarding the controversy, confirming that Jay Z did indeed make a donation, but they did not inform…
James Grebey / May 20, 2015

Here’s the Drake vs. Marina Abramovic Sitting Meme You’ve Been Waiting For

This morning, Nicki Miniaj's "Anaconda" music video arrived featuring Drake sitting in a chair. In 2010, performance artist Marina Abramovi? announced a Museum of Modern…
Chris Martins / August 20, 2014

Seeing Yeezus: Kanye West’s 15 Wildest Self-Comparisons, Illustrated

For children who came into consciousness in the second half of 2013, being told there was a time when Kanye West didn't give interviews is…
Chris Martins / December 10, 2013