No Trivia’s Top 50 (Mostly Rap) Songs of 2012’s Second Half

Not sure what happened here, folks, but I really wandered into my own world this second half of the year! No radio hits unless Chinx…
Brandon Soderberg / December 14, 2012

Mala, ‘Mala in Cuba’ (Brownswood)

Mala is a tourist, but a cautious one. Discussing the self-explanatory Mala in Cuba, his first major release in years, the dubstep savant and member…
Puja Patel / October 23, 2012

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: The Only Carly Rae Jepsen Remix You Need to Hear

Recent mainstream coverage and exploitation of so-called "EDM" — like Forbes' list of the top-earning DJs; an accompanying featurette where the writer allegedly proves the…
Philip Sherburne / August 3, 2012