Macy Gray

Ariana Grande Nabs a Rare Macy Gray Appearance on ‘Leave Me Lonely’

Ariana Grande's release strategy for Dangerous Woman is as follows: drop more than half of the album's songs on Apple Music, fit in a DJ Khaled Snapchat…
Brian Josephs / May 17, 2016

Macy Gray Wrote a Song About Her Vibrator, ‘B.O.B.’

It's been a while since we last heard from Macy Gray, but she's been keeping busy by gettin' busy... with herself. At least, that's how it would…
Harley Brown / July 28, 2015

Macy Gray Does Her Raspy My Chemical Romance Cover on ‘Conan’

Since attracting the world's attention with the left-field smash "I Try" around the turn of the millennium, Macy Gray has been trying mightily to achieve…
Marc Hogan / March 28, 2012