Los Angeles

Report: “One Fire Truck Guarded Every Three Houses” in Wealthy Los Angeles Neighborhood Last Night

Four major wildfires continue to wreak havoc in Southern California, burning over 110,000 acres, destroying over 300 buildings, shutting down hundreds of schools in at least 15…
Tosten Burks / December 7, 2017

Los Angeles Declares “Morrissey Day” Ahead of Hollywood Bowl Shows

Morrissey is celebrating the release of his new album, which is out next Friday, with a two-night stint at the Hollywood Bowl this weekend. In…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 9, 2017

25 Years Later, New Documentaries Show the Los Angeles Riots Are as Relevant as Ever

"This is happening every day. They just caught it on videotape," says Michael Winters, a resident of South Central Los Angeles, early in the A&E…
Andy Cush / May 1, 2017