lonely island

The Lonely Island Release Bash Brothers Album and Netflix Special

Yesterday afternoon, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, known collectively as The Lonely Island, announced a surprise Netflix special out of the blue. The…
Will Gottsegen / May 23, 2019

The Lonely Island ‘Go Kindergarten’ with Diddy, Paul Rudd, and Robyn in New Video

We already had a taste of the Lonely Island's Robyn-featuring banger "Go Kindergarten" in a faux-viral hashtag-happy video. But now, with the help of Sean "Diddy"
Colin Stutz / June 11, 2013

See Andy Samberg Literally ‘Spell It Out’ in Lonely Island’s Letters-Only Rap Song

The Lonely Island have a deep bag of tricks, but this might be their most dazzling. On "Spell it Out" — the latest self-leak from…
Jordan Sargent / June 5, 2013

Watch the Lonely Island’s Uproarious ‘Spring Break Anthem’

One of the beauties of hip-hop is that parody and references to other songs are already built into the form, but if you're looking for…
Marc Hogan / May 8, 2013

The Lonely Island Announce ‘Wack’ New Album

The Lonely Island, taking a cue from (or maybe a potshot at) Random Access Memories duo Daft Punk, teased their upcoming album by airing a 15-second commercial…
Kyle McGovern / May 6, 2013