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Anthrax and Megadeth on Board for Motorhead’s MotorBoat Metal Cruise

Ahöy! We all know that Lemmy is a god of metal and now we'll find out if his power can match that of the sea deity…
Dan Reilly / March 11, 2014

Overkill: Lemmy’s Guide to Life

The man, the myth, the mutton chops: Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister — otherwise known as the face, voice, and bass of metal pioneers Motörhead and…
Harley Brown / October 19, 2012

The SPIN Interview: Lemmy

"Fuck Elvis and Keith Richards," Dave Grohl has said. "Lemmy's the king of rock'n'roll." And on this sunny L.A. February afternoon, the king is holding…
Matt Diehl / April 1, 2009
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