Hear Sun and Sail Club’s ‘Mannequin’ LP: Kyuss and Fu Manchu Members’ Vocoder-Metal

If Queens of the Stone Age called themselves "robot rock," then Vocoder-saturated bandroids Sun and Sail Club are rebooting the '80s-era Transformers cartoon — bright, colorful, heavy…
Christopher R. Weingarten / November 11, 2013

Josh Homme: A Critical Discography

After a debilitating health scare, SPIN cover boy and Queens of the Stone Age chief Josh Homme returned with the band's recently released ...Like Clockwork.
David Marchese / July 18, 2013

Live Sue Ex-Frontman for Making Fans Think He’s Still in the Band

Based on recent events, it seems that if you were a successful band in the 1990s, you have two options in 2012: reunite and make…
Devon Maloney / July 19, 2012

Nick Oliveri Quits Kyuss Lives! Before He Gets Fired

Kyuss Lives! are starting to crumble. Bassist Nick Oliveri has announced he's exiting the legally fraught pseudo-reunion that's already the target of a lawsuit by…
Devon Maloney / March 23, 2012

Kyuss Lives! Members Fire Back at Josh Homme Over Lawsuit

Earlier this week, SPIN reported that former Kyuss guitarist (and current QOTSA frontman) Josh Homme and former bassist Scott Reeder had filed a lawsuit…
Devon Maloney / March 15, 2012

Josh Homme Sues Kyuss Lives! Over ‘Needless Mess’

Kyuss Lives! may not be able to live up to their name much longer. Josh Homme and Scott Reeder have filed a lawsuit against their…
Devon Maloney / March 12, 2012