Flying Lotus Announces His Feature Film Kuso Will Be Out This Summer [UPDATE]

Flying Lotus announced this afternoon that his debut feature film Kuso will be released this summer. In a series of tweets, the producer described the…
Taylor Berman / May 20, 2017

Flying Lotus’ Penis-Stabbing Movie Kuso Prompts Walkouts

Whatever else is true about Flying Lotus' debut feature film Kuso—the title is inspired by the Japanese word for "shit"—it is not going to go…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 26, 2017

Watch the Icky, Surreal Trailer for Flying Lotus’s New Movie Kuso

One of the more wild-card, big-name entries this year at the Sundance Film Festival is a new film by Flying Lotus called Kuso. Deadline just…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 20, 2017