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King Tuff on How Jimi Hendrix Broke His Mind and Early Oi!

Given his irresistibly raucous, slovenly anthemic songcraft, it'd be easy to think King Tuff frontman Kyle Thomas' favorites skewed towards trashcan kitsch and belching rock'n'roll.
Drew Fortune / April 23, 2013

King Tuff Is Happily ‘Dancing on You’ in Fresh ‘Was Dead’ LP Leak

King Tuff blew back a lot of wigs with his glammed-up, snotty, and surprisingly wise self-titled album last year, but he's left his growing fanbase…
Chris Martins / April 10, 2013

Hear King Tuff’s Strummy ‘Sun Medallion’ From Resurrected ‘Was Dead’ LP

Though he seems decidedly "Alone & Stoned," King Tuff drew a crowd last year when he released a little collection of "joyous glam-garage blurts" called,…
Chris Martins / February 21, 2013

King Tuff Sees Double in Dance-Crazed ‘Keep on Movin” Video

Kyle Thomas has made a whole lot of friends since moving from Vermont to Los Angeles. But should that be any surprise? A garage-rocker with…
Marc Hogan / November 8, 2012

Watch King Tuff’s Very Literal ‘Alone & Stoned’ Video

Technology has made it easy for everyone to be alone and yet connected at the same time. A particular community of loners (i.e., stoners) features…
Marc Hogan / August 17, 2012

King Tuff, ‘King Tuff’ (Sub Pop)

Kyle Thomas is a 29-year-old glam-rocker who recently moved from Brattleboro, Vermont, to Los Angeles, California. One place is a town of about 12,000 people…
Mike Powell / May 22, 2012

Hear King Tuff’s Glorious Self-Titled Glam-Garage LP

For a while now, Kyle Thomas has been making wonderfully whacked, insidiously catchy glam-garage under the name King Tuff. His new, self-titled album, out May…
David Marchese / May 21, 2012

King Tuff: Vermont Garage Rocker Gets Back to His Roots

WHO: The whole time singer-guitarist Kyle Thomas, 29, was melting faces with J Mascis in the stoner-rock outfit Witch, getting freaky with avant-folkies Feathers, and…
David Marchese / May 9, 2012

Hear King Tuff’s Irresistible ‘Keep on Movin”

Kyle Thomas, the Vermont native who performs as King Tuff, has no shortage of breezy garage-pop gems, whether on his previous album, Was Dead, or…
Marc Hogan / April 27, 2012

King Tuff, ‘Wild Desire 7″‘ (Suicide Squeeze)

Cuddly glam-garage eccentric has been spikier and catchier elsewhere, but this single is still worth a frug.
David Marchese / April 5, 2012
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