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The Breeders Announce Fall Tour Dates

The Kim Deal-less Pixies have been touring throughout this year, and this fall, so will the Breeders. The beloved alt-rock group have announced that they'll…
Brian Josephs / July 11, 2017

Kim Deal and Courtney Barnett Interviewed Each Other for ‘The Talkhouse Music Podcast’

The Talkhouse Music Podcast has musicians come on to talk to one another about the craft — the logic being, who would know better about music…
James Grebey / July 1, 2015

Photos: Lil BUB and Her Famous Friends

Lil BUB is one of the most famous cats on the planet. She has her own documentary, online talk show, hardcover book, primetime Animal Planet…
SPIN Staff / August 1, 2014

Kim Deal and Morgan Nadler Scare Up Jack Nicholson for ‘Range on Castle’ Video

Back in March, Kim Deal told SPIN about the bizarre origins of her single with Morgan Nagler, "Range on Castle," saying, "I found myself on…
Dan Reilly / July 10, 2014

Pixies Don’t Rule Out Reunion With Kim Deal

Kim Deal rejoining the Pixies wouldn't be out of the question, at least as far as the remaining band members are concerned. It has been…
Marc Hogan / June 6, 2014

The Breeders Prep First New Music in Five Years

The Breeders recently wrapped up a tour reuniting the lineup behind 1993's alternative-rock classic Last Splash, but they're not done making new music. In fact, they've been…
Marc Hogan / April 9, 2014

Watch Kim Deal’s Life-Affirming Parking-Lot Video for Solo Single ‘The Root’

Kim Deal is hilarious. She's on the phone from Dayton, where she lives with her mom and dad, explaining how she ended up recording a…
Camille Dodero / March 20, 2014

Kim Deal Gently Buries the Past in ‘Are You Mine?’ Video

For the third installment in her ongoing solo series, former Pixies star Kim Deal continues in the lullaby-like vein of her last B-side, "Likkle More."
Dan Reilly / August 15, 2013

Life to the Pixies

This feature originally appeared in the September 2004 issue of SPIN magazine. In Heaven and in the Pixies' dressing room at Paris' Parc…
Marc Spitz / June 16, 2013

Kim Deal’s Second ‘Solo Series’ Single, Out Now, Explores Wider Range

Kim Deal released her second "Solo Series" 7-inch single this week. The white-label vinyl release is limited to 1,000 copies through Deal's website, or it's…
Marc Hogan / April 30, 2013

Pixies Play Complete ‘Doolittle’ Album

At the Pixies' Hollywood Palladium show on Wednesday night, the sold-out crowd of 4,000 seemed caught between genuflecting respectfully and just going nuts. Kicking off…
Kevin Bronson / November 5, 2009

The SPIN Interview: Kim Deal

After 20 years, Kim Deal has made her peace with the fact that the rock lifestyle and stable relationships might not go together. "Maybe it's…
Kari Wethington / April 1, 2008