Kelley Deal

Photos: Lil BUB and Her Famous Friends

Lil BUB is one of the most famous cats on the planet. She has her own documentary, online talk show, hardcover book, primetime Animal Planet…
SPIN Staff / August 1, 2014

Watch Lil Bub Man the Boards for the Breeders’ Kelley Deal

We understand that when you see the words "Lil Bub" and "Breeders" in the same sentence, your mind goes wild with the possibilities of owning…
Chris Martins / October 18, 2013

Hear Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery’s New Band R. Ring

The Breeders appear to be taking some time off, considering they last toured in 2010, their most recent release was 2009's Fate to Fatal EP…
Kory Grow / August 23, 2012