Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch’s Dog Friends Find Transcendent Bliss in ‘North Line’ Video

Having a bad day? Let man's best friend lend a paw. The new video for Julian Lynch's "North Line" features a cast of canines enjoying…
Chris Martins / July 2, 2013

Watch Julian Lynch’s ‘Donnie Darko’-Tinged ‘Gloves’ Video

Julian Lynch told SPIN back in December that much of the music intended for his just-released Lines LP ended up on the cutting-room floor. "I’ve…
Kyle McGovern / April 10, 2013

Julian Lynch Preps Road-Tested, Friend-Approved Spring 2013 Album

After the 2011 release of Terra, his third full-length in as many years, Julian Lynch decided he needed to really focus on school. For the…
David Bevan / December 7, 2012