Juju & Jordash

Dance Tracks of the Week: Radio Slave Goes Sleepless for Boddika’s Nonplus Label

Radio Slave, "Don't Stop No Sleep" (Nonplus) It's odd to see Radio Slave turning up on Boddika's Nonplus Records, but "Don't Stop No Sleep" makes…
Philip Sherburne / April 18, 2014

Dance Tracks of the Week: Mathew Jonson’s Entrancing Techno Sweet Spot

Mathew Jonson Her Blurry Pictures (Crosstown Rebels) Mathew Jonson likes his techno rippling, rubbery, and slightly bent — full of gracefully arced melodies, twanging analog timbres,…
Philip Sherburne / June 6, 2013

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: At the Fringes of the Fringes

Scott Wilson has a new column on Juno Plus devoted to "outsider dance," in which he suggests that the margins of dance music are moving…
Philip Sherburne / October 26, 2012

Dance Music Meets Dub Voodoo on Juju & Jordash’s New Album

House and techno are about to get a little freakier.
Philip Sherburne / August 15, 2012

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: Deadmau5’s Mea Culpa, Live at Magic Mountain High, and More

Did the temperature of electronic dance music hit 92 degrees this week or something? Because people sure did get irritable. As usual, we can thank…
Philip Sherburne / June 29, 2012

Control Voltage’s Friday Five: New York’s Golf Channel Rocks the Tee Box

Of all the lumpy cardboard mailers that the postman brings (with increasing, and distressing, infrequency, I might add), few get me quite as excited as…
Philip Sherburne / June 15, 2012

Control Voltage’s Friday Five

Frustratingly, and perhaps ironically, given my profession, I don't find time to listen to a lot of DJ mixes. There's always a promo to be…
Philip Sherburne / April 20, 2012