Joy Reid

What the Fuck Happened Today?

Good evening. Here's a roundup of absurdity to ruin what's left of your day: Continuing his busy week on Twitter, Kanye West tweeted a selfie…
Anna Gaca / April 25, 2018

Joy Reid’s Absurd Theory That Hackers Added Homophobic Posts to Her Old Blog, Explained

MSNBC weekend host and #Resistance warrior Joy Reid is sticking to her claim that a hacker broke into her defunct blog and manipulated old posts to…
Maggie Serota / April 25, 2018

Watch Killer Mike Discuss Responsible Gun Ownership and the NRA on MSNBC

Last month during the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, the NRA shared a video interview with Killer Mike. In the clip, the rapper…
Rob Arcand / April 15, 2018