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Joan Jett Drafts Dave Grohl, Laura Jane Grace for ‘Heavy’ New Album

Bad Reputation or not, Joan Jett has wrangled some impressive talent for her first album in seven years. On October 1, the Blackhearts leader will…
Kyle McGovern / August 2, 2013

Watch Against Me! and Joan Jett Cover the Replacements’ ‘Androgynous’

Against Me! opened for the Cult Friday night at Manhattan's Terminal 5, marking the band's first New York City appearance for singer Laura Jane Grace…
Devon Maloney / June 11, 2012

Joan Jett, Foo Fighters Give ‘Letterman’ Their ‘Bad Reputation’

A couple of years ago, the makers of the video game Rock Band struggled to come up with a connection between Joan Jett and Dave…
Marc Hogan / November 16, 2011

Behind the Scenes of ‘The Runaways’

"Kristen, you are so hot!"
Phoebe Reilly / March 11, 2010

Sex, Rock & Rape: Cherie Currie’s Untold Runaways Story

As risque as it is, the upcoming movie The Runaways (in theaters March 19) barely touches on the most harrowing experiences of the band's former…
Phoebe Reilly / March 3, 2010

Joan Jett on ‘Runaways’ Movie: ‘Authentic’

Rocker Joan Jett couldn't be happier with the way she's been portrayed by Twilight star Kristen Stewart in the new Runaways biopic, which premiered at…
Peter Gaston / January 27, 2010

Joan Jett & Stars Rock ‘Runaways’ Party at Sundance

Rock pioneer Joan Jett played a special Saturday night set at the Sundance Film Festival in celebration of "The Runaways," the upcoming film about her…
Scott Iwasaki / January 25, 2010

KStew Sings in New ‘Runaways’ Trailer

Kristen Stewart, the sought after 19-year-old actress the world knows as "Bella" from the Twilight series, has a new image: a badass rocker who breaks…
William Goodman / December 17, 2009

Dakota Fanning to Play Drug-Addled Rock Star?

If you think it's surprising that Twilight star Kristen Stewart will play guitarist Joan Jett in the upcoming biopic about Jett's all-girl '70s band the…
Larry Fitzmaurice / March 6, 2009

‘Twilight’ Actress Kristen Stewart to Play Joan Jett

Twilight is a hit, and so is the film's female lead Kristen Stewart, who has signed to play legendary frontwoman Joan Jett in The Runaways,…
Joseph Coscarelli / December 3, 2008
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