Jens Lekman

Jens Lekman’s “Who Really Needs Who” Knows It’s Hard to Make Friends as an Adult

Jens Lekman's "Who Really Needs Who" is a dispatch from the first day of the new year. "January first, 2018 / I'm writing you now, Annika Norlin,"
Anna Gaca / January 4, 2018

16 Artists on the Music They’ve Used to Get Through the Trump Era

What do we listen to when all the news is bad? Music is motivating, but over the past year, in a hailstorm of political outrage we couldn't have…
SPIN Staff / July 27, 2017

The 50 Best Albums of 2017 So Far

It's safe to say none of us will be nostalgic for the first six months of 2017. Rarely has the national and global situation felt…
SPIN Staff / June 5, 2017

New Video: Jens Lekman – “How We Met, The Long Version”

This morning Jens Lekman released the video for "How We Me, The Long Version, a song off his new and good LP Life Will See You…
Jordan Sargent / March 13, 2017

Review: Jens Lekman Is Still Yours Truly on Life Will See You Now

What is a Jens Lekman? It doesn’t come in any of the usual colors or shapes. It bristles with complicated angles and mechanisms. It’s hard…
Brian Howe / February 16, 2017

Angel Olsen, Mitski, Toro Y Moi, How to Dress Well, More Contribute to Anti-Trump Song Project Our First 100 Days

Much is made of a new president's first 100 days in office, when an incoming commander in chief—usually riding a wave of public support—tackles top…
Anna Gaca / January 13, 2017

New Music: Jens Lekman – “What’s That Perfume That You Wear?”

Sad Swede songwriter Jens Lekman has announced Life Will See You Now, his first new record since 2012's I Know What Love Isn't. It's out February 17…
Jeremy Gordon / January 4, 2017

Jens Lekman Wants to Write a Song About Your Story

Weekly postcard writer Jens Lekman is working on a new project called "Ghostwriting" with the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center in Ohio. He's asking strangers to…
Rachel Brodsky / October 22, 2015

Jens Lekman Sends ‘Post Card # 2′ Our Way

Jens Lekman is going to have a busy 2015. The Swedish musician announced that he is going to release one new song every week of the…
James Grebey / January 9, 2015

Jens Lekman Pours Sunshine Over Shout Out Louds’ Moody ’14th of July’

Before Jens Lekman released 2012's underrated I Know What Love Isn't, the Swedish crooner's output favored samples over live instrumentation. Now the perennially heartbroken tunesmith…
Kyle McGovern / June 14, 2013

Hear Jens Lekman Inquire After a Dead Bird in ‘Regarding a Package’

Swedish songster Jens Lekman has a knack for peppering his songs with intimate, quirky detail, so it should come as no big surprise that his…
Chris Martins / April 23, 2013

10 Albums You Can Hear Now: Cat Power, Animal Collective, Crypts, More!

Teh Internetz are rife with previewable music this week. For your ease of unpaid listening, we've rounded up the 10 records you've gotta hear now,…
Chris Martins / August 30, 2012

Jens Lekman Adds Through Subtraction in Bittersweet ‘I Know What Love Isn’t’ Video

Jens Lekman is looking for love using the process of elimination. Director Marcus Söderlund, whose style in videos for Lekman and other Swedish popsters has…
Marc Hogan / August 10, 2012

Jens Lekman Shaves His Head for Stark ‘Erica America’ Video

If Jens Lekman is entering his "blue" period, he sure makes a striking Old Guitarist. His head freshly shaved, his attire unusually dark and drab,…
Marc Hogan / June 26, 2012

Jens Lekman Plots First Album in 5 Years: Hear Bittersweet ‘Erica America’

The past five years seem to have been as hard on Jens Lekman as they have been on the rest of us. The Swedish singer,…
Marc Hogan / June 7, 2012
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