James Blunt

The Royal Wedding: A Speculative Guide to Musical Guests, From Elton John to the Spice Girls

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle invited 600 friends and family members to their wedding ceremony on May 19 followed by an intimate group of just…
Maggie Serota / May 16, 2018

James Blunt Is Great at Twitter, So We Asked Him About It

Tuesday afternoon, I sat down with British singer-songwriter James Blunt, an affable fellow with a Twitter streak so vicious Atlantic Records asked him to log off and stop terrorizing the fans.
Anna Gaca / March 2, 2017

U.K.’s Princess Beatrice Accidentally Sliced Ed Sheeran With a Sword Pretending to Knight James Blunt

As an American publication, we usually don't follow the British royal family, but it's time to make an exception. According to a report from the Sun tabloid, Princess…
Anna Gaca / November 27, 2016

James Blunt’s Record Label Asks Him to Stop Feeding Twitter Trolls

It's the number one rule of the Internet: Don't feed the trolls. (Or maybe it's the number two rule, after "never read the comments.") In…
James Grebey / December 3, 2014

James Blunt Apologizes For ‘You’re Beautiful’

English sad-sack James Blunt revealed that even he finds his 2005 mega-hit "You're Beautiful" to be extremely annoying. The bummer of a breakup song did…
James Grebey / October 20, 2014