Immortal Technique

Priests, Downtown Boys, Screaming Females, More Sign Open Letter Regarding SXSW’s Deportation Clause

Dozens of bands and musicians have signed an open letter directed to the organizers of SXSW, demanding that the festival remove clauses from its contract regarding deportation…
Andy Cush / March 3, 2017

Immortal Technique and Lin-Manuel Miranda Are Friends Now, High School Bullying Be Damned

Before Lin Manuel-Miranda became a surrogate for woke and wealthy liberalism, he was a victim of bullying. Earlier this week, in an interview with podcast…
Brian Josephs / November 18, 2016

Immortal Technique Threw Lin-Manuel Miranda in the Garbage When They Were in High School

On Marc Maron's WTF podcast this week, Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame revealed that when he was enrolled at New York's Hunter College High School, his class bully was a…
Andy Cush / November 15, 2016