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The 100 Greatest Rock Stars Since That Was A Thing

Three of the 100 are in this picture! The Rolling Stones, in 1964, from left to right: Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts…
Bob Guccione Jr / July 6, 2021

The 50 Best Live Albums of the 1970s

The concert industry exploded in the 1970s, and the live album, a stopgap project once reserved for only the biggest artists, became a compulsory ritual…
Al Shipley / July 5, 2021

How Ike Turner Invented Rock ‘N Roll

Ike Turner wasn’t born in a crossfire hurricane, but he more or less died in one. He passed away at 76 in 2007, from a…
Bob Guccione Jr. / May 12, 2020

Ike’s Story: SPIN’s 1985 Feature on Ike Turner

In the very early days, right after we launched the magazine, and as the reality set in we had to do this every…
Edward Kiersh / June 11, 2015

Is Chris Brown’s Career Over?

We don't know all the details, but unless a lot of people are very wrong about a lot of things, R&B star Chris Brown physically…
David Marchese / February 13, 2009
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