Ian MacKaye

Ian MacKaye Uncovered Fan Mail From a Teenage Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl's D.C. punk roots have been well-documented at this point, but today the Foo Fighters frontman shared a previously unseen relic from those teenage…
Colin Joyce / May 28, 2015

Urban Outfitters’ $28 Minor Threat Shirts Get Ian MacKaye’s Approval, Disdain

Urban Outfitters — the supplier of clothes worn by your younger relatives — now sells a $28 t-shirt that's an adaptation of Minor Threat's Out of…
Jordan Sargent / July 31, 2013

13 Quotes: Highlights From Ian MacKaye’s Library of Congress Lecture

Ian MacKaye has been diligently slaving over a massive archive of nearly all of Fugazi's 1,000-plus live shows over the past four years. So it…
Matt Cohen / May 8, 2013