SPIN Metal Report: Vektor Deliver Neo-Thrash’s Masterpiece and Inter Arma Explore Outer Space

For a genre whose fans are so often labeled (sometimes rightly) as rigid constructionists, metal’s last few years have been marked by an unprecedented burst…
Colin Joyce / July 29, 2016

Mount Moriah: Rootsy Carolina Balladeers Nod at the Old En Route to the New

Who: As befits two folks who met while working at a Chapel Hill, North Carolina record store, guitarist Jenks Miller and singer Heather McEntire solidified…
David Marchese / February 26, 2013

Stream Horseback & Locrian’s 14-Minute Dead-Eyed Doomscape ‘Our Epitaph’

Looks like Halloween and Christmas come early this year! Chapel Hill one-man doom-drone euphorist Horseback and Chicago's ridiculously prolific séance organizers Locrian have proved themselves…
Christopher R. Weingarten / October 12, 2012

Stream Horseback’s Black-Math Drone Masterpiece ‘Half Blood’

As we enthusiastically tweet-reviewed earlier today, the fourth album from North Carolina dream warriors Horseback is "A Rhys Chatham guitar army eaten by black metal…

Horseback, ‘Half Blood’ (Relapse)

A Rhys Chatham guitar army eaten by black metal wolves; victorious Fuck Button drones burned at the stake.