holly herndon

The 20 Best Avant Albums of 2015

Hard and fast boundaries don't mean much these days. M.I.A. would tell you as much, offering a big ol' "what's up with that?" at the…
Colin Joyce / December 9, 2015

Review: Holly Herndon Pioneers the Skype Breakup Album With ‘Platform’

The twitchy, cyborg kineticisms that Holly Herndon has dripped out over the last few years can project something of a desolate exterior. Like a foreboding…
Colin Joyce / May 20, 2015

Holly Herndon’s Trying to Find New Ways to Play the World’s Oldest Instrument

Next week, sound sculptor Holly Herndon will release¬†Platform, her second proper LP and her first release as a member of the 4AD roster. The album…
Andrew Unterberger / May 13, 2015