Harry Potter

Fictional Characters Do Not Need to Have Real Lives

Today's news offers us the following nightmare. For the 20th anniversary of the MTV cartoon Daria, show co-creator Susie Lewis and character designer Karen Disher have…
Jordan Sargent / April 4, 2017

New Google Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them App Lets You Turn Your Phone Into a Wand

Google, in collaboration with Warner Bros., has unveiled a new multiplatform app to coincide with the November 18 release of the J.K.-Rowling-scripted film adaptation Fantastic Beasts…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 1, 2016

Harry Potter Wants to Be Iggy Pop Now

It's been a while since the Harry Potter film saga ended, so excuse any misinterpretations, but the young wizard was a bit of a punk,…
Colin Stutz / August 15, 2014