happy birthday

The ‘Happy Birthday’ Song Is Finally Going to Enter Public Domain

The bafflingly long legal saga over the "Happy Birthday" song, of all things, is drawing ever-nearer to a close. For some 80 years, Warner/Chappell owned…
James Grebey / February 9, 2016

Judge Rules That ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Is Public Domain

The days of your characters on your favorite TV shows singing budget, knockoff versions of "Happy Birthday to You" are over, as a federal judge has…
James Grebey / September 23, 2015

How a ‘Happy Birthday’ Lyric Sheet Could Be Worth Millions in Copyright Fees

"Happy Birthday to You" may soon be less dear. Virtually everybody knows the song, but nobody is allowed to use it in movies or just…
Marc Hogan / June 21, 2013