SPIN Singles Mix: Crestfallen Chromatics, Rejuvenated Grooms, and More

Welcome to SPIN's Singles Mix! The SPIN staff has rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your mid-week playlists. From French adolescent disc jockeys to cross-global hip-hop…
SPIN Staff / December 10, 2014

Grooms Are All Like, ‘Yeah Science’ in ‘Infinity Caller’ Video

Grooms sneaked out their third album-length foray into art-damaged slack-rock last month, but it's not too late to enjoy what Infinity Caller is offering. The 11-song set…
Chris Martins / October 7, 2013

Grooms Offer Slackerly Swoon With ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’

Grooms founder Travis Johnson suffers from a very specific form of OCD called scrupulosity, in which guilt and anxiety foment as a result of concern…
Chris Martins / July 17, 2013