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Hear Florence + the Machine’s Epic/Tragic ‘Gatsby’ Original ‘Over the Love’

"That voice was a deathless song." That's how Nick Carraway, narrator of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby, describes the voice of Daisy Buchanan, the…
Kyle McGovern / April 17, 2013

A$AP Rocky Raps About Florence Welch’s ‘Left Titty’ on Booming ‘I Come Apart’

A$AP Rocky and Florence Welch. Those aren't two names you'd instantly associate with each other on paper, but the New York rapper and the British…
Marc Hogan / January 10, 2013

Watch Mick Jagger and Florence Welch Battle for ‘Shelter’ Dominance

The Rolling Stones not only got grounded for breaking curfew at the first London date of their current mini-tour on November 25, they brought R&B…
Chris Martins / November 30, 2012

Florence Welch Suits Up for Calvin Harris’ ‘Sweet Nothing’ Video

Florence + the Machine frontwoman Florence Welch's collaboration with Calvin Harris on "Sweet Nothing" is the kind of overwhelmingly catchy, perfectly trendy EDM-pop hit you're…
Marc Hogan / September 21, 2012

Watch Florence + the Machine Belt ‘Lover to Lover’

Florence Welch has always kept things classy, and Florence + the Machine's new video for "Lover to Lover," off last year's Ceremonials doesn't pull any…
SPIN Staff / January 26, 2012

Grammy Preview: The Biggest Performances

This weekend's Grammy extravaganza in Los Angeles promises to bring plenty of water cooler moments, from super-rare television performances (Dr. Dre! Dylan!) to all-star tributes…
Kevin O'Donnell / February 10, 2011
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