The 30 Greatest Thrash Bands of All Time

Thrash wasn’t initially a genre: it was what a band did. And in the ’80s it swarmed across the globe like a plague…
Justin Farrar / December 26, 2017

Hear Ill Bill’s Boom-Bap Tribute to Exodus Singer Paul Baloff

After more than a decade in the game, fire-tongued Brooklyn cult rapper Ill Bill is returning with his most ambitious album to date, The Grimy…
Kory Grow / February 13, 2013

Nick Oliveri Joins Slayer, Exodus, and Amen Bros for Thrash Metal Supergroup

Things are looking up for former Queens of the Stone Age member Nick Oliveri. Not only has the oft-embattled bassist made up with his old…
Chris Martins / January 4, 2013