Eric Copeland

Ratking and Black Dice’s Eric Copeland Are Left-Field Rap ‘Gauchos’

Ratking wield the sort of left-field rhymes that put crews like Antipop Consortium and Def Jux on the map in the early aughts — oblique…
Chris Martins / November 14, 2013

Hear Black Dice Dude Eric Copeland’s Singularly Twisted ‘Cheap Treat’

When Eric Copeland isn't watching Japanese cult animation with Animal Collective or writing Spy Vs. Spy tributes with his bandmates in Black Dice, he can…
Philip Sherburne / July 11, 2013

Eric Copeland, ‘Limbo’ (Underwater Peoples)

Black Dicer leans AM Gold, melts pop through an illwave funhouse mirror, water-damage, off-center vinyl holes.
Christopher R. Weingarten / July 23, 2012

Hear Eric Copeland of Black Dice’s Neck-Snapping ‘Limbo’ LP

Knob-twurker Eric Copeland has already been leaning towards an increasingly popcentric worldview with his main gig Black Dice. But his third solo album, Limbo, ups…
Christopher R. Weingarten / July 16, 2012

Hear Eric Copeland’s Tangled ‘Tarzan and The Dizzy Devils’

Just a month and change after the release of Mr. Impossible, Black Dice's Eric Copeland is readying another release of his own: Limbo, full-length follow-up…
David Bevan / May 24, 2012