Elite Gymnastics

Watch Default Genders’ Majestically Disillusioned New Video

Everything James Brooks has released since now-defunct duo Elite Gymnastics has been worth checking out, and though the songwriter and producer's project names have changed, that…
Marc Hogan / May 15, 2014

Default Genders’ James Brooks: ‘I Totally Failed’

In a week, James Brooks has gone from a cult artist — fewer than 11,000 Twitter followers at last count — to a lightning rod…
Marc Hogan / August 7, 2013

See Dead Girlfriends’, Now Called Default Genders, Cat-Fancying ‘Stop Pretending’ Video

James Brooks, the former Elite Gymnastics songwriter and producer who last week released a new EP as Dead Girlfriends, has changed the name of his…
Marc Hogan / August 5, 2013

Dead Girlfriends’ ‘On Fraternity’: A Roundtable

On Monday, James Brooks, formerly of the electronic-minded duo-turned-solo-project Elite Gymnastics, debuted his new alias, Dead Girlfriends, with a four-song EP called Stop Pretending. One…
Jessica Hopper / August 2, 2013

James Brooks Kills Elite Gymnastics, Returns as Dead Girlfriends

Elite Gymnastics is dead, long live Dead Girlfriends. Brooklyn-based artist James Brooks confirmed on Monday (July 29) that he's abandoned his Elite Gymnastics solo project…
Kyle McGovern / July 29, 2013

Elite Gymnastics’ James Brooks Airs Must-Read Rant Against Industry of ‘Coked Out White Guys’

A worthwhile conversation that sheds lights on the flaws of the music industry has recently opened up among some of the most online-savvy independent artists.
Marc Hogan / July 15, 2013

Swede and Sour: The Strange, Sardonic Return of the Embassy

For a band that's gone more than seven years between albums, the Embassy have adopted an aggressively preemptive attitude on the new Sweet Sensation:I don't…
Marc Hogan / February 26, 2013

Elite Gymnastics Goes Solo, Gets Emo on ‘Andreja 4-Ever’

The lyrics booklet that came with Elite Gymnastics' 2011 debut album, Ruin, was like a warped Rosetta stone. Here the Minneapolis-originating duo of James Brooks…
Marc Hogan / August 28, 2012

Hearing ‘Heaven’: Grab CFCF’s Elite Gymnastics Remix

More than a decade removed from the days of shitty dial-up and dorky America Online e-mail addresses, the near-miraculousness of the Internet tends to escape…
Marc Hogan / March 29, 2012