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Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Details New Solo Album

As he hinted last year, Ed O'Brien will soon be the fourth out of five Radiohead members to release a solo album, according to the guitarist's new interview…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 14, 2017

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Is Getting a Signature Stratocaster

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien is getting his own signature guitar as part of a new partnership with Fender, who is launching a Sustainer Stratocaster in collaboration…
James Rettig, Stereogum / July 13, 2017

Radiohead Left “Lift” Off OK Computer Because They Thought It Would Sell Too Many Records

Radiohead's Ed O'Brien appeared on BBC 6 Music to talk to host Matt Everitt about OKNOTOK, the upcoming deluxe reissue of OK Computer that commemorates the album's 20th…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 3, 2017

Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien Says He’s Making a Solo Album

Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien is planning a solo album for next year, he told BBC Radio 6's Matt Everitt on today's episode of The First Time With.... During the…
Anna Gaca / October 9, 2016
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