Ed Banger

Is Breitbart Staging a Bloghouse Revival?

Breitbart News, the propaganda apparatus helmed by Steve Bannon, President Trump’s closest advisor, has taken a recent interest in music that seems at odds with…
Dale Eisinger / March 1, 2017

Riton Brings Funk-Laden Electro to ‘Bad Guy RiRi’ EP

After listening to British DJ and producer Riton's new Bad Guy RiRi EP, it might be tempting to quip that "Ed Banger Records is back."
Max Pearl / May 29, 2014

Justice, Busy P, Breakbot Join Ed Banger Birthday Compilation, World Tour

Ed Banger Records, the French electronic label founded by former Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter (a.k.a. Busy P), turns 10 this year and to celebrate,…
Kyle McGovern / May 9, 2013

Ed Banger Returns From (Slight) Hiatus With Boston Bun’s Debut

"Some of you will be surprised, but yes, like you I'm a House head," confesses Pedro Winter, a.k.a. Busy P, explaining the unexpectedly rootsy turn…
Philip Sherburne / November 13, 2012