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Priests’ Activist Rock in an Unsettled D.C.

On the night before Donald Trump would be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the Washington D.C. rock band Priests was…
Jeremy Gordon / February 2, 2017

Video: Dirty Projectors – “Little Bubble”

Dirty Projectors continue their comeback push with a melancholy new song, "Little Bubble," which arrives with a meditative, manicured video featuring the band's David Longstreth in…
Anna Gaca / January 5, 2017

Dirty Projectors Release Yet Another Mysterious Music Teaser

It's 2017 and the Dirty Projectors are still being mysterious. The band's Twitter account posted a new video soundtracked with what sounds like new music…
Brian Josephs / January 3, 2017

Spotify Accidentally Announced New Dirty Projectors Music

On Saturday, some beady-eyed Spotify subscribers noticed an email in their inbox advertising new Dirty Projectors music. In the message, there was a non-functioning link,…
Winston Cook-Wilson / December 19, 2016

Dirty Projectors Share “Keep Your Name,” First New Song Since 2012

As it turns out, both of this week's Dirty Projectors video teasers were lead-ups to the same new song: "Keep Your Name," a melancholy, multi-part exploration of the…
Anna Gaca / September 22, 2016

Dirty Projectors Tease More New Music

Dirty Projectors have followed Monday's new music tease with another. Today's video features 45 seconds of frontman Dave Longstreth waggling his jaw, though the attached audio loop…
Anna Gaca / September 21, 2016

Dirty Projectors Are Back

Dirty Projectors haven't released an album since 2012's excellent Swing Lo Magellan. Today, the band's Twitter account sent out a video of a pair of praying…
Jeremy Gordon / September 19, 2016

Vampire Weekend Perform as a Trio for the First Time at New York Bernie Sanders Rally

Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig is a big supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, having performed at a Sanders rally back in January, but…
James Grebey / April 13, 2016

Review: Bombino’s Red-Hot Guitar Sings the Desert Blues on ‘Azel’

Patriotism may be the last refuge of scoundrels, but musical censorship runs close behind. Be it plantation owners confiscating the drums of African-American slaves, or…
Jason Gubbels / March 22, 2016

Here’s What’s Happening With the Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Heathcliff Berru

What began Sunday night as a simple series of tweets from one musician has quickly snowballed into a widespread web of allegations of sexual assault…
Natasha Aftandilians / January 20, 2016

Review: Deradoorian’s ‘The Expanding Flower Planet’ Needs Weeding

Anyone directly associated with art-rock monarchs Dirty Projectors can safely embark on a solo career with respectable name recognition (recall: prolific upright bassist Nat Baldwin, and, more recently,…
Rachel Brodsky / August 19, 2015

Beyonce, Solange, Dirty Projectors, and More Pay Tribute to D’Angelo’s ‘Voodoo’

D'Angelo's seminal album Voodoo recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and Solange's website Saint Heron hosted several moving tributes to the iconic record from more than a dozen musicians it inspired.
James Grebey / February 4, 2015

Hear the First Taste of Solange’s Collaboration With Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth

Solange Knowles has been plenty busy getting her exciting new label Saint Records and its accompanying web hub, Saint Heron, off the ground. She'd be…
Chris Martins / November 8, 2013

Thanks Obama: Dirty Projectors Hit National Park for ‘Impregnable Question’ Video

If both sides of the recent U.S. government shutdown debate could agree on one thing, it was the majesty of America's national parks. For Dirty…
Marc Hogan / October 25, 2013

David Longstreth to Play Bartok, Dirty Projectors With Calder Quartet

The constituent parts of Dirty Projectors have been staying busy on their own of late. Amber Coffman, of course, is the bewitching voice on Major…
Chris Martins / October 10, 2013
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