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40 Albums We’re Excited For in 2019 [Updated]

As 2018 draws to a close, we're looking ahead to new music arriving in 2019. Here are 40 albums we hope to be listening to next year—some with officially announced…
Will Gottsegen / November 21, 2018

Watch Die Antwoord’s Short Film Tommy Can’t Sleep, Co-Starring Jack Black

Die Antwoord have released a new short film called "Tommy Can't Sleep," starring Sixteen Jones, group members Yo-Landi Visser and Ninja's daughter, as the titular…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 20, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Has Another Thing in Common With Die Antwoord

On the day Donald Trump became President of the United States of America, Twitter looked around in desperation for a meme-able source of comic relief. It…
Anna Gaca / January 20, 2017

Die Antwoord Are Promoting Their New Video With Blurbs From Aphex Twin and Damien Hirst

Die Antwoord have shared the video for "Fat Faded Fuckface," from their 2016 album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. It was directed by vocalist Yolandi…
Andy Cush / December 16, 2016

Die Antwoord Throw Chappie Filmmakers Under the Bus, Want to Make Their Own Movie

Aggro electro-rap cut-ups Die Antwoord don't take kindly to people jacking their style. This summer, they railed against Hot-Topic-core DC Comics blockbuster Suicide Squad for knowingly stealing…
Winston Cook-Wilson / October 31, 2016

Die Antwoord Accuse ‘Suicide Squad’ of Jockin’ Their Style

Suicide Squad director David Ayer is probably looking for anything that would distract from the critical drubbing his film has taken — besides $133.6 million in opening-weekend…
Brian Josephs / August 10, 2016

Die Antwoord Share ‘Dazed & Confused’ From New Mixtape ‘Suck on This’

Inexplicable South African rappers Die Antwoord have announced a new mixtape, Suck on This, with a whisper-rapped first single, "Dazed & Confused." It doesn't come with one of the…
Anna Gaca / May 13, 2016

Die Antwoord’s Disturbing ‘Ugly Boy’ Video Is Shockingly Cameo-Filled

The creepy South African rap collective Die Antwoord have just released a terrifying music video for their Donker Mag cut "Ugly Boy." Be warned: While it is filled…
James Grebey / November 4, 2014

Watch Die Antwoord’s Horrifying, Gory ‘Pitbull Terrier’ Video

The South African merry pranksters in Die Antwoord are back with a new album called Donker Mag, their first since 2012's Ten$ion, due June 3…
Colin Joyce / May 20, 2014

Die Antwoord’s Icky ‘Cookie Thumper’ Video Packs a Painful Surprise Ending

Cautionary tales rarely come as irreverently horrifying as this. The South African rave-rap posse Die Antwoord are gearing up for a new album — Donker Mag,…
Chris Martins / June 19, 2013

Lady Gaga to Die Antwoord: ‘You Don’t Have a Hit’

On Tuesday, SPIN detailed the various crimes against Lady Gaga depicted in Die Antwoord's new "Fatty Boom Boom" video. In the clip, the South African…
Chris Martins / October 18, 2012

Die Antwoord Terrorize Lady Gaga in Controversial ‘Fatty Boom Boom’ Video

Like the elephants of their native South Africa, Die Antwoord never forget. Back in March the Zef rappers alleged to MTV Canada that their former…
Nicole Sia / October 16, 2012

Die Antwoord Steal the Show at Alexander Wang

When it comes to the runway, we usually like to leave it to the pros. Celebrity appearances can feel gimmicky and do serious damage to…
Refinery29 Staff / September 14, 2012

The Runway Reviewed: Marc Jacobs Marries Megan Draper To ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ Rodarte Sweats ‘Game Of Thrones’

MARC JACOBS The tattooed fashion fave gave Nico realness for his higher-end line, echoing this season's '60s silhouettes with horizontal black and white stripes, blown-out…
Julianne Escobedo Shepherd / September 11, 2012

Lollapalooza 2012: SPIN’s Best Live Photos

Black Sabbath, Jack White, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Ocean, and many more: here's your front-row ticket to Chicago's biggest fest.
Ken Bachor / August 4, 2012
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