diamond rings

Diamond Rings Feeling Glad to Be Alive on ‘Free Dimensional’

Diamond Rings' John O'Regan wrote most of his glammy pop project's darkly, irresistible 2010 debut, Special Affections, while he was in a hospital recovering from…
David Marchese / August 3, 2012

The Style Issue: Diamond Rings

Shy and confused, John O'Regan couldn't figure? out who he was, before a health scare forced him? to look inside. Now he's impossible to miss.
Alexandra Molotkow / August 14, 2011

Diamond Rings, ‘Special Affections’ (Astralwerks)

Late last decade, John O'Regan fronted brash Toronto rockers the D'Urbervilles, but after being hospitalized with Crohn's disease, the singer reinvented himself as synth-popper Diamond…
Barry Walters / June 21, 2011