Hear d’Eon’s Lush, Lovable ‘Now You Do’

The Montreal musician d'Eon describes his forthcoming debut LP, an "oratorio in four movements," as an appeal to the Archangel Gabriel, but you might detect…
Philip Sherburne / May 23, 2012

The Week’s 9 Controversial, Baffling, and Excellent Covers

It may have been a sluggish week for Internet goodies, but it was a great one for cover songs. From the excellent and deliberate to…
Devon Maloney / April 27, 2012

Grimes Collaborator D’Eon Offers Free Album

The Montreal producer d'Eon likes to keep listeners on their toes. "I kind of look like a metalhead, or a junkie, or a hippie or…
Philip Sherburne / March 13, 2012