Saudi Musician Arrested for Dabbing at Concert

Abdallah Al Shahani, a popular Saudi singer and TV host, was arrested for dabbing during a music festival in the city of Taif over the…
Andy Cush / August 10, 2017

Paul Ryan to Dabbing Teen: “Are You Gonna Sneeze, Is That It?”

Today, Speaker Paul Ryan led the ceremonial swearing-in for new House members of the 115th Congress. As Roger Marshall, a freshmen Republican Representative-elect from Kansas’s…
Taylor Berman / January 3, 2017

California’s Dabbing Congresswoman Has Absolutely Nothing on California’s Vaping Congressman

Perhaps you saw that Loretta Sanchez, Democratic U.S. representative from California, performed a forced, mechanical "dab" dance move during a debate last night. As far as…
Andy Cush / October 6, 2016