Cormega Writes Tribute to Prodigy: “I loved him.”

Among the newscasters, rappers, and music legends who have paid tribute to Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy since his death last week,  Cormega has been particularly…
Dale Eisinger / June 25, 2017

Cormega and Large Professor Lace ‘Rap Basquiat’ with Golden-Era Wit

Although he's always been a niche concern to the wider world, Cormega's reputation and the records that established it—particularly his official 2001 debut The Realness—are…
David Drake / June 18, 2014

Hear Ill Bill’s Boom-Bap Tribute to Exodus Singer Paul Baloff

After more than a decade in the game, fire-tongued Brooklyn cult rapper Ill Bill is returning with his most ambitious album to date, The Grimy…
Kory Grow / February 13, 2013