corey feldman

Corey Feldman Knocked Out His Own Tooth During a Concert But Still Finished the Show

Corey Feldman is still very much doing music; you may remember the very memorable way he does it from his two thoroughly bizarre Today Show…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 29, 2017

Corey Feldman Loses His Damn Mind Again With Another Today Performance

Today is not the friend who'll tell you, "Stop, you're embarrassing yourself." It's a television show hungry for ratings. Corey Feldman's tragicomic appearance last month went instantly viral…
Brian Josephs / October 13, 2016

Corey Feldman Lost His Damn Mind on Today

Maybe it's not easy to be Corey Feldman. Earlier this morning, the former child star showed up on Today looking like the walking dead, in order to…
Jeremy Gordon / September 16, 2016