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Com Truise Travels Galactic Soundwaves on ‘Subsonic’

Apart from being a giggle-worthy spoonerism of a certain Scientologist's name, Com Truise is the alias of Seth Haley — a New York producer who…
Chris Martins / January 23, 2014

Hear Sky Ferreira’s Full ‘Ghost’ EP, Com Truise’s ‘Red Lips’ Remix

Word is Sky Ferreira's Ghost EP has leaked, but you needn't download anything illegal to hear the entire thing right now. The rising synth-pop starlet's…
Chris Martins / October 12, 2012

Com Truise, ‘Galactic Melt’ (Ghostly International)

Like Boards of Canada meets Vangelis, Seth Haley's self-described"mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk" project saturates dark, arpeggiatedinstrumentals with cinematic '80s nostalgia (see formerly state-of-the-art glories like…
Richard Gehr / July 5, 2011
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