coheed & cambria

Stream Coheed & Cambria’s New Album, ‘The Afterman: Ascension’

Having wrapped up their last deeply conceptual, comic book-accompanied emo-prog album cycle in 2010, Coheed and Cambria are overdue for some more overwrought intensity. Their…
Chris Martins / October 8, 2012

WATCH: Pop-Punk Stars Form New Band!

Recently we've seen a folk supergroup, Monsters of Folk, and a metal supergroup, the Damned Things.Now we have a pop-punk version, Terrible Things, that brings…
Patrck Darcy / June 22, 2010

Panel Surfers

If you've read enough comic books, the opening scene from The Umbrella Academy's first issue doesn't seem all that unusual: A tank-size pro wrestler wallops…
Douglas Wolk / January 9, 2008