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Our 2003 Dashboard Confessional Cover Story: The Crying Game

For the past few years, Dashboard Confessional have been a relentless cult phenomenon, with fans who fill large arenas, bond online, and memorize painfully intimate…
Andy Greenwald / March 7, 2018

Chris Carrabba’s Twin Forks Hit the Road in ‘Cross My Mind’ Video

It's nearly impossible for singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba to escape the shadow and trappings of his Dashboard Confessional moniker, but he's roaring and stomping back with new outfit…
Luke McCormick / August 8, 2013

Return to Forever: Chris Carrabba on Reuniting With His Beloved Band

Before Chris Carrabba rose to raw-wound prominence with Dashboard Confessional, he was just one of the guys — but the guys were something special. As…
David Marchese / October 19, 2012