Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden Are Starring in a Movie Version of Cats

Huge fucking news: Taylor Swift is going to be in Cats, baby! That's right: Taylor, presumably in a cat costume, will be right there in…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 20, 2018

Jukebox Jury: Lil BUB Lets Us Know Which Famous Feline Songs Are the Cat’s Meow

Having already taken over ancient Egypt, the Internet at large, and your great-aunt's hairball-covered apartment, it's really no surprise that cats are making a move…
James Grebey / November 23, 2015

Check Out Some Amazing New ‘Meow the Jewels’ Merch

Run the Jewels, having produced one of the best cat rap albums of 2015, Meow the Jewels, have now unleashed a line of pretty spectacular feline-themed merchandise. Among the…
James Grebey / October 30, 2015