Brian Eno: Great Musician, Also Glad That Donald Trump Gave Us a “Kick Up The Arse”

What are your favorite Brian Eno albums? Mine are probably Before and After Science and Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics, but I also, of course, love…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 23, 2017

Apple Raising Prices in U.K. iTunes, App Store Because of Brexit

Legally downloading music will cost just a bit more in the United Kingdom beginning later this week, with Apple set to rise prices in its…
Rob Arcand / January 17, 2017

Kate Bush on Pro-Brexit U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May: “I Don’t See Much to Fear”

In a new interview, Kate Bush, whose 2016 has been unexpectedly active with the release of a strong live album and a rare wave of…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 29, 2016

“Post-Truth” Is the Defining Word of 2016, According to the Oxford Dictionaries

Every year, the Oxford Dictionaries pick a word of the year. For reference: 2013's was "selfie," 2014's was "vape," and last year's, somehow, was the…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 16, 2016

It Looks Like Brexit Will Also Prevent a Smiths Reunion

The unpredictable consequences of Britain's vote to leave the European Union continue to reverberate around the world, and the latest casualty appears to be any hope of…
Anna Gaca / November 2, 2016

Here’s What Musicians are Saying About ‘Brexit’ on Twitter

Those of us in the U.S. woke up in a relative state of shock this morning upon learning that last night Britain voted to leave…
Rachel Brodsky / June 24, 2016
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