Meet Me in the Bathroom Is the First Great History of New York’s 21st Century Rock Scene

In the future, some emotionless musicologist may look back at the Strokes and wonder why they were such a big deal. Why all the fuss…
Jeremy Gordon / May 23, 2017

Hari Kunzru’s White Tears Is a Hypnotizing Ghost Story About Stolen Black Culture

When Seth, the protagonist of Hari Kunzru’s new novel White Tears, meets a record collector who might be able to sell him a vinyl containing…
Jeremy Gordon / May 1, 2017

Rachel Dolezal’s Book In Full Color Presents No Good Reason For Her Assumed Blackness

Rachel Dolezal, now legally known as Nkechi Amare Diallo, starts her memoir with a flagrant heavy-handedness. In Full Color: Finding My Place in a…
Brian Josephs / March 29, 2017

Marlon James’s New Books Will Be a Game of Thrones-Inspired African Fantasy Trilogy

Very cool news for fans of Marlon James: the Man Booker-winning writer of A Brief History of Seven Killings and The Book of Night Women will publish three fantasy…
Andy Cush / January 10, 2017

Digital Crate Digging With DJ /rupture

  When DJ and music writer Jace Clayton began working on his new book Uproot, he had a deceptively simple premise in mind: "that really…
Andy Cush / October 6, 2016
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