S U R V I V E (of Stranger Things Fame) Release Free Music Bundle on BitTorrent

S U R V I V E, the Austin synth tinkerers behind the indelible soundtrack for Stranger Things, are poised for a big 2017 with…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 11, 2017

Report: BitTorrent Now Becomes Casualty of the Streaming Wars

In June, technology company BitTorrent launched BitTorrent Now, an ad-supported music and video streaming service that also allowed users to upload original content. Not even…
Anna Gaca / October 7, 2016

Curren$y Unveils His Own #NewRules

Last week, Curren$y's Jet Life crew released Red Eye Mixtape, the latest in a steady stream of product from the wordy stoner-rapper and his crew,…
Brandon Soderberg / August 7, 2013