Billy Ray Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ “Inspired” Feels Disingenuous

Happy New Music Friday to you from Miley Cyrus, whose new ballad "Inspired" takes the unconditional earnestness of "Malibu" and puts a weepy country string section on…
Anna Gaca / June 9, 2017

Billy Ray Cyrus: There’s a Thin Line Between Elvis and Jesus

Billy Ray Cyrus is a man of faith. Yes, the religious kind; he is quick to reference a Bible passage in conversation (specifically, the one about Jesus…
Rachel Brodsky / August 23, 2016

Marvel Music’s Strange, Brief, and Totally Doomed Rock-Comics Revolution

In 1991, in the midst of his run on Sandman — now considered one of the most innovative comic-book series of all time — Neil…
David Grossman / March 12, 2014